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VH2 Amu Finished

December 16, 2012

VH2 English v0.61:

I didn’t feel like leaving Amu unfinished so here are the rest of her files. Other than the bonus scenario, Amu is now fully translated.

At this point, it looks reasonable that I’ll be at 70-75% by the end of the year and finish the game at the end of January. At the very least I want all the four generals complete by New Years so all the “important” parts of the game will be done.

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  1. Passing Chaos permalink

    Thanks Dargoth

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You rock

  3. Sajuuk permalink

    nice work, thanks dargoth

  4. Anonymous permalink

    thanks man , keep it up!

  5. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    So just one more month and a half to wait ? 🙂
    Good good good !
    I really wait. ^^

  6. I know this might be a little early but what are some of your future plans (in terms of this blog)?
    P.S. Thanks for your works 🙂

    • I’ve got my eye on a few other games coming out soon that I hope will be good enough to warrant translating, but I haven’t made any plans. I’m very, very terrible at planning so I try to do as little of it as possible.

  7. Edem permalink

    Merry Xmas Dargoth! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. Anonymous permalink

    Dude just wanna say translators like you rock.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Sry for the Off-Topic, but did you have a look at the MGQ page lately? There has been a major story character update and I was wondering if you could tell us what the last frame on that page means…. looks creepy :p

    • La Croix? There’s no gender-identifying pronouns, but I’m assuming she’s female given that this is MGQ. It just says that she’s Promestein’s right-hand man and master of creating biological creatures. Runs a group named the Cirque du Croix, but nothing is known about them. Since Promestein is the only person who’s ever seen her face, it’s also rumored that she isn’t even an angel.

      It seems as though there are going to be 3 main categories of antagonists in part 3:
      Angels led by Eden
      Androids/Cyborgs led by Loveless (Lovelass? *shrug*)
      Chimeras led by La Croix

      There are certainly going to be monsters trying to rape Luka as well as undead led by Chrome. And then there’s Promestein, Black Alice, and Illias in there for even more bosses. It’s going to be huge.

  10. Sajuuk permalink

    something to look fowared to when the game is released and translated.
    i am also waiting for complete patch of the game you are translating dargoth.
    i played the first game you translated back in the day and it was good. so
    hope to play the second game soon aswell
    keep up the good work.
    and thanks for all your hard work

  11. Anonymous permalink

    You rock , man . Love your work

  12. Anonymous permalink

    Xueli is still referred to as “Shirley” in her battle text. You know like the “Shirley attacked you for 43 damage!” stuff

  13. Sajuuk permalink

    happy new year to all of you,

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