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VH2 Xueli translation finished

December 4, 2012

VH2 English version 0.54:

Xueli is now completely translated. Amu and Paula are up next as well as finishing the non-H scenes for Milfy and Insecta.

For those keeping score, this is the 4th and final “cock like a broken water fountain.” Diselmine’s writer didn’t use that many similes, but he really liked that one.

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  1. Sajuuk permalink

    nice things are running so smootly whit the translation.
    but i have a quesion Dargoth. when you finished translating this game.
    are you going to translate otther games aswell.???

    • We’ll see… I’m already way behind on this one so I’m focused on that, not on future projects. There are a number of upcoming games that look promising, but I won’t know until I play them.

      • What are your thoughts on Peniban Quest, Dargoth?

      • I haven’t actually played any of that group’s games, but I am keeping an eye on that one. I typically don’t like RPGMaker games, but that won’t stop me from translating one if it turns out to be great.

      • It’s an RPGMaker game? Aw man 😦
        I played a few of the circle’s games and they’ve been a bit too hardcore imo but the art is so lovely. I hope peniban has a softer side to it

      • Considering that the title is “strap-on dildo quest,” I wouldn’t bet on it.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Wouldn’t chiitrans work on that game due to RPGmaker engine?

  3. Sajuuk permalink

    rpg maker games are great to play depending who made it.,
    just take VH its a great game to play to bad it wont be translated any further as RogueTranslations wont translate that game anymore.
    still good game. hope somone will finnish that translation one of these days.
    anyhow it is hard to translate rpg games i hear.
    well just focus on your current project for now.
    we will all see what you do next when its finished.
    thanks for all your hard work dargoth

  4. Noticed a typo in the scene right after you beat all of the 1st area demons.
    Insecta says “Milfy, we don’t care who your smile girls are!” instead of slime.
    Nice work with the patches, anyhow.

  5. smarter than you permalink

    Theres a machine trans of VH its not great or anything by any strech but it allows u to get a general idea whilst u fap to it.

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