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VH2 More Xueli scenes translated + MGQ news

November 25, 2012

VH2 English version 0.51:

This latest patch includes the Xueli victory H-scenes, battle lines, and all but one of her remaining scenario files. I just have that one and the footjob scene from the beginning of the game left for Xueli.

Since I haven’t made this clear before, you only need the latest patch. There’s no need to download any of the older ones.

In Monster Girl Quest news, the next update to the homepage will be on December 1st. It’ll have the usual new monster previews plus some news, apparently. Torotoro has also confirmed that there will be a demo for part 3, but it won’t be out any time soon.

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  1. The Noble Shade permalink

    Let’s hope the demo (whenever it comes out) will have a cool character to occupy us until the final release. And I also hope the next monster isn’t a chimera, the last few updates have been downright creepy; but I suppose they’re good for an erotic horror aesthetic.

  2. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    Yes i hope for the demo too … :s
    And a “normal” fight like the succubus in demo of part 2.
    Anyways, thanks for the translation, i continue to wait ! 😀

  3. Herp permalink

    That xueli scene was hot, the one where you defeat her. That 2nd scene, that’s like the most decent love making (No freaking tentacles) in the entire series. I prefer that scene more than the alice and luka scene.
    Thanks for the translation.

    • Anonymous permalink

      All depends on point of view, but if u like normal sex scenes the internet is full of it. When u get to this kind of weird stuff is because u have to like the weird, like the feeling of being powerlessly drained of ur life and/(or just) ur semen. Can’t say the fact that she is forcing him is always good, but i think the power MGQ girls hold over a man is far greater than this one

  4. JES permalink

    I downloaded the new patch and this happened…

    The game will start but it’ll just be a black screen. Any ideas?

    • Did you accidentally delete or otherwise mess with the plugin directory? Seems like you might just want to reinstall the game.

      • JES permalink

        I didn’t do anything different. I’ll try reinstalling I guess

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Woohoo, finally something change for MGQ!!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Hmmm..for some strange reason after downloading and updating the new patch all of the game’s audio disappeared…no sound effects..nothing. I will try re-downloading and installing the patch again to see if that does anything.

    • Anonymous permalink

      On top of trying to re-install the patch, I also tried installing the previous patch to see if that would fix things, however the game is still without audio…if you have any inklings of why this is happening, your help would be appreciated. Thanks Dargoth!

      • Did you check the options to make sure the audio isn’t on mute? Maybe I accidentally included my settings file in the patch, which has the music/sfx muted…

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Yeah I checked those settings right away, and nothing was muted.

  8. Jos permalink

    Cheers for this Dargoth 😀

    It appears that there are many more monsters in this one, I mean he probably would not want to spoil 25% of em before releasing the game?
    I m guessing that this game is as long as the first and second part combined(hopefully) :p

  9. Sajuuk permalink

    you are doing an amazing job in how fast you translate this game.
    if there where only more translators like you and rogue.
    keep up the good work.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    in case you guys didn’t know there was an update on the MGQ site,

  11. Anonymous permalink

    just in case 🙂

  12. Jack of Blades permalink

    installed the game, and it and your patch don’t work could use some help at this point…

  13. Anonymous permalink

    hmmm. I don’t understand the significance of the MGQ update. I didn’t see any new pics and I can’t comprehend the auto-translated gibberish.
    “Top public image and a sample image “epilogue quest Wushe mon!” Date: December 01, 2012″

    • Anonymous permalink

      New pics have the same names as old ones so you wont see them until you refresh the page or clean cookies

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Are there any new pics on the left? As in where they usually appear every 2 months under NEW!? Or are the pictures on the right the only new update?

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