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VH2 Succubus finished

November 9, 2012

VH2 English version 0.42:

Latest patch includes both the succubus scenes along with her intro, the short scene after you defeat her, and battle lines. She should be fully translated now. Next up is the hellhound. I’m making a push for 50% by Nov. 15 to hopefully put me on track to having the game at least close to finished by the end of the year.

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  1. Cio permalink

    Thanks Dargoth… Succubus were my fav monster girl. I hope her scene were great. Looking forward for more.

  2. Zenelly permalink

    Thanks a lot Dargoth! You’re doing a great job with this!

  3. Obelisk permalink

    How long until you’re going to start working on Amu’s scenes. I thought she was a very interesting character.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    wow that was really fast good job bro

  5. tyr permalink

    Nice one Dargoth, i am your fan 😀

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Does the mermaid has two H-Scenes?

    • Passing Chaos permalink

      no just one then she kills you…

      though that doesn’t seem to be her fault

  7. Monster-Girl Lover permalink

    I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to have delicious lovemaking with her, or paizuri. I will say that being kissed to death is rather hot as well, but still, would’ve liked to see them use an incarnation of sex a bit better.

    • Yeah, I agree. VH1 had the mandragora who gave you a “leg job” as well so I guess the creators have a fetish for that. Or at least they think others do…

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