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VH2 Milfy scenes finished

October 13, 2012

VH2 v.0.27:

Milfy’s three H-scenes are now translated. If you actually lose to her during the course of the game, there’s a throne room scene with Xueli and the other generals between the second and third H-scene. All the generals and Xueli herself have one of these, but I won’t translate them until later.

This one took twice as long as I wanted, but enjoy the hottest slime girl ever anyway.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the translation

  2. Pain E permalink

    I think I’ll wait for the whole translation, but good work and keep it up!!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Mr. Big is pleased.

  4. Muscovite permalink

    Know when the translation will be finished?

    • dargothtranslations permalink

      End of the year, maybe January for the last bits.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Awesome. Who’s next on the list?

    • Check the progress page for (almost) daily updates. I’ll finish up the third Xueli loss scene tonight (it’s almost done) and get the fourth done in the next 2-3 days. Then Insecta.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Does this translation work in the Replay Mode? If so then I must have done something wrong because its still in Jap in Replay Mode.

  7. Edem permalink

    Thanks for the great work dude! 🙂 Keep up!

  8. PsycheSoma permalink

    Do you accept any payments or donations for your work? Always good to see someone do something for the community.

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