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Violated Hero 2 Storyline Translation

September 25, 2012

Version 0.20:

Even if you downloaded the initial patch, you can still use the install batch file on this one. It’ll work just fine. I added a pause to the end of the script so you can see what it did too, just in case something went wrong. It also includes the applocale fix I posted earlier. I playtested it a bit, but there might be a crash or two in there somewhere. Report any errors in the comments.

This patch translates the main storyline, although a few scenarios like the pre-battle chat with the Demon Generals remain untranslated. I’ll probably fill those in as a break from doing their h-scenes. Anything related to the sub-bosses is untranslated as well. If you already finished the game, you probably don’t care too much about this patch. The storyline, while improved from the first game, is still bare bones. It’s no Monster Girl Quest, sadly.

(Speaking of MGQ, if you didn’t already know, Rogue updated his blog a few days ago with translations for Camel’s side stories and a few others. Check them out.)

Also if you haven’t noticed, I have a separate tab on the blog where I’ve been updating my daily progress. Next up is doing all the h-scenes in the game. Vote in the poll below for the ones you want to see translated first. I’ll probably do them in order of results so if the one you really like is already on top by a lot, there isn’t much point in voting for it more. You get the idea. Xueli’s footjob scene near the beginning of the game will probably be left for the end because it’s absurdly long, but she has plenty of other, better scenes. I forgot to put the bonus scene in the poll too, oops.

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  1. sajuuk permalink

    i will wait to play ontil the entire game is translated by you more fun to play that way so keep up the good work

  2. Oh wow no one voted for Beelzebub. It’s almost like they played through it with Chii-trans.

  3. Sniper permalink

    I’m happy with all scenes. Thanks for translating this.

  4. Chibishiroiryu permalink

    I wanted Medusa but i will wait too.
    If i understand, you have did so all the script of the “story” but not the fight and not the H-scene.
    If the end of VH2 is like VH1, so the end is not translated because it’s H-scene ?

    • There are 2 non-h ending scenes when you defeat Xueli that are translated, although the final scene of the game is an h-scene that hasn’t been done yet. The mid-battle dialogue with Xueli is done too as are all her possible intros.

  5. tyr permalink

    Thanks for the update Dargoth 🙂

  6. wolvensdale permalink

    Thanks for the update 😉
    Chrome warn me, and said this file is dangerous, but I open it anyway, any thougts?

    • I don’t get any warnings from Chrome about it, but I can see why the zip looks suspicious. It’s got an .exe, a batch file, and a hook dll after all.

      • wolvensdale permalink

        yep I running it, and scan, nothing is wrong 😀

  7. PsycheSoma permalink

    Many thanks for the good work done!

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